Hate Can Sustain You  

Grants AA
CategoryNektulos Forest
Started ByWhy We Fight, Chronicle One
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Required Mobs:
Why We Fight, Chronicle One

Jaeta will give you a book, Why We Fight, Chronicle One. Reading the book will unravel a series of kill task steps. After each step you must read the book again.

  1. Kill the following:
    • 5 motley kodiaks, found near 786, 4, -416
    • Read the book
    • 3 Asilian vandals, found around -487, 40, -468 .
    • Read the book
    • 3 deadly rumbleroots, near -839.76, 30.30, -265.23 .
    • Read the book
  2. Return to Jaeta

Earn the Right Nektulos Forest
Quest Series
Port Naythex
We Live for the Kill
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