Related Zone:
Min Coin: 9g, 85s, 50c
Max Coin: 10g, 5s, 90c
Choice Of:
Signet of the Devoted
Symbol of Devotion
Bracelet of Devotion
Tablet of Devotion

  1. In New Tunaria, inspect the altar in the Tower of Devotion at -128,73,-759
  2. Go to the Temple of Growth, which is around the large tree courtyard. Click on the urn in center for Devotion quests. Five level 58 heroics surround the urn. ( -449.00, 49.00, -857.00 )
  3. Return to the altar and inspect it.
  4. Go right from the tree courtyard and south down the path. Follow down to the left and you'll reach the graveyard at -445, 70, -140 .
    • Click the lit up graves for updates.
  5. Return to the altar and inspect it.
  6. Click the flower on the left side of the large tree in the main front courtyard at -450, 46, -877 .
  7. Place the flowers in pot at -149, 66, -283 in front of the main castle to finish.

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