A Devious Plan  

Grants AA
CategoryBarren Sky
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Related Items:
Organo-Synthetic Egg Diagnosticator
Min Coin: 18g, 85s, 15c
Max Coin: 20g, 15s, 40c
Mature Drake Eggs
Choice Of:
Earhoop of the Sky
Earring of the Sky
Hoop of the Sky
Stud of the Sky
Faction Changes:

You receive this quest after completing the Reunion quest.

Taer Felwind has a plan to ensure his race's survival in the event of hostilities between the Aviaks and Droag.

He asks you to take a device and use it to alter the mature drake eggs in the Drake Breeding Grounds of the Isle of Awakening.

Find 5 mature eggs near the piles of broken eggs and use the device on them (activate the device from your inventory).
Note: You must Gather the egg, then use the device, to be able to alter it.

When you finish and return to Taer, he sends you back to Harun Clearsky for your reward, roughly 20gp, +125 faction with The Windgazer, and a choice of items.

Reunion The Barren Sky
Quest Series
The Windgazer Hooluks
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