Reclaiming Their Honor  

CategoryFrostfang Sea
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 76c
Max Coin: 1s, 85c
Choice Of:
Scout's Bauble
Fighter's Bauble
Priest's Bauble
Sorcerer's Bauble

Game Update #56
Halas Reborn
May 25, 2010

Speak to Belka Thunderheart in The Great Shelf to begin this quest.

  1. Turn left after leaving the cave and head north. Look down and you should be able to see a path.
  2. Drop onto that and then head to 621.80, 22.63, -487.17 . Kill Ry'Gorr Raiders nearby. The updates are uncommon and you need 8.
  3. Return to Belka Thunderheart for your reward.

Displaced and Discouraged Frostfang Sea
Quest Series
The Great Shelf
'Tis Most Unnatural
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