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NameTierClassificationNode TypeSkillFound In
Frost Covered Plaque 20ObjectOtherN/A 
Steelhoof Tarp0ObjectOtherN/A 
Giant Tarp0ObjectOtherN/A 
Jaeger's Hay0ObjectOtherN/A 
The Blackburrow Brewery0Point of InterestOtherN/A 
A Puddle Of Gunk0ObjectOtherN/A 
Northland Lilac0ObjectOtherN/A 
Vox Daisy0ObjectOtherN/A 
Lavastorm World Bell0Point of InterestOtherN/AThe Feerrott
Hall Of The Hammer0Point of InterestOtherN/AKaladim
Parchment Covered In Soot - Sages0ObjectOtherN/A 
Parchment Covered In Soot - Warriors0ObjectOtherN/A 
Miragul's Menagerie Entrance0Point of InterestOtherN/A 
Frigid Poppy0ObjectOtherN/A 
1st Lieutenant Danarg, 291 AS0ObjectOtherN/A 
Post On Sign Near Nektulos0ObjectOtherN/A 
Sign On Tree At Orc Camp0ObjectOtherN/A 
Iridescent Brooch Barrel0ObjectOtherN/A 
Cavemaw Plate0ObjectOtherN/A 
Badlands Post0ObjectOtherN/A 
The Charred Vale0Point of InterestOtherN/A 
Captive Thicket0Point of InterestOtherN/A 
A Frost-covered Gravestone0ObjectOtherN/A 
Bones In Mausoleum0ObjectOtherN/A 
Jum Jum Tap0ObjectOtherN/A