Stonehoof Badlands  

ClassificationPoint of Interest
Location-89, -114, -666
Submitted ByBludwyng
Last Updated2008-06-27 20:58:51

Point of Interest
Stonehoof Badlands
Zone Jarsath Wastes
Expansion Rise of Kunark
Quest Hub Jarsath Wastes
/loc -791.94, -116.72, -668.59 Click here to go to EQ2Map
Discovery? Yes
Achievement Jarsath Journeyman
The central area of the Overthere region, this lies between Kylong Plains, Tylix's Fist, Traitor's Pass, Ganak's Battlement and the Herculean Ramparts.

There are as many deadly secrets as there are creatures found within the expanse of the Stonehoof Badlands.

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