Travel Within Qeynos Bell  

ClassificationPoint of Interest
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Point of Interest
Travel Within Qeynos Bell
Zone Qeynos Province District
Discovery? No

This bell offers rapid transport within and around the City of Qeynos, and occurs in multiple zones:

  • Antonica: On the Antonica Dock
  • The Caves: in the Caves near the Guards.
  • The Elddar Grove: Outside Silent Fist Dojo at 731, -20, -372
  • The Forest Ruins: Near the old Willow Wood gate at 894, -12, -559
  • North Qeynos: On the canal beside the castle in Qeynos Capitol District at 424, -26, -47
  • Oakmyst Forest: On the Oakmyst dock at 1095, -10, -383
  • The Peat Bog: Zone in near the old Nettleville gate.
  • Qeynos Harbor: On the dock at Qeynos Harbor in Qeynos Province District at 993, -26, 31
  • South Qeynos: On the canal behind the inn in Qeynos Capitol District at 542, -27, 104

Game Update #64
Qeynos Rises
July 24, 2012

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