A Gleaming Chest  

Location993, 58, -529
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Due to a bug that caused The Haunting to not correctly display the Gleaming Chest, it is no longer required to see the chest as of 10/26/2010. This change is reflected below.

A Gleaming Chest
In order to get A Gleaming Chest to pop, you must:

Once you meet all of the requirements, the chest ( 970.26, 8.19, -578.37 ) will be found behind a walk-through hedge ( 970.55, 7.91, -597.65 ) within The Hedge Hollow. Obviously, because of the Train to Zone! quest requirement it is not possible to do this on your first visit to the Hedge. This chest is opened with the a pair of gleaming lockpicks, which are obtained from the boss mob of the Hedge.

It contains:

NOTE: The necklace is used to activate The Headless Horseman epic fight in Nektulos Forest. You can also obtain blanket of fog and screeching noise box in Loping Plains if you have the necklace in your inventory.. check out the item pages for a description on how.

Nights of the Dead
(Introduced in 2009)

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