Setri Lur'eth  

Zone:Nektulos Forest
Purpose:Ritualistic Shaman

NPC involved in the Nights of the Dead quest A Nightmarish Illness.
She is found at 1087, 0, -329 at the far western end of the beach in Nektulos Forest.

In 2011 she begins the quest Survive the Night. In 2014 she also started the quest A Dream By Any Other Name.

Nights of the Dead
Occurs annually around the end of October.
Nights of the Dead 2014 will run from 10/9/2014 through 11/3/2014.
(Introduced in 2009)

Trivia Setri Lur'eth is an anagram of Terris Thule, daughter of Cazic Thule and the demi-god of the Plane of Nightmares.

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