a noxious emission  

Possible Classes:Guardian,Assassin
Classifications:Amorphous, Fire Elemental, Flying, Goo, Living, Old World, Organic
NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
an accumulation of plasma 0Item25%
a mucous encrusted tendril 0Item2%
Necklace of Stone 47Accessory0.1923%
Flamesilk Robe 47Armor0.1923%
Ruined Ring 47Accessory0.1923%
Flametouched Sash 45Accessory0.1923%
Soft Rock Blocker 47Shield0.1923%
Fire Imp's Longbow 47Weapon0.1923%
Rough Linked Hauberk 46Armor0.1923%
Lavafied Band 45Accessory0.1923%
Stone Apprentice Gi 46Armor0.1923%
Waistband of Haste 46Accessory0.1923%
Obsidian Breastplate 46Armor0.1923%
Hard Rock Blocker 47Shield0.1923%
Caller's Hoop 45Accessory0.1923%
Lava Hanging 45Accessory0.1923%
Bangle of Offense 46Accessory0.1923%
Lavatouched Gloves 45Armor0.1923%
Obsidian Choker 45Accessory0.1923%
Ridged Stiletto 47Weapon0.1923%
Pious Belt 46Accessory0.1923%
Holy Warrior's Band 45Accessory0.1923%
Hard Rock Breastplate 46Armor0.1923%
Earring of Flight 45Accessory0.1923%
Hard Rock Hammer 47Weapon0.1923%
Steelsung Hauberk 47Armor0.1923%
Templar's Band 45Accessory0.1923%
Crystal Sphere 46Shield0.1923%
Smudged Brass Bangle 52Accessory0.0167%
Singed Silken Cloak 52Accessory0.0167%
Girdle of Accuracy 52Accessory0.0167%
Molten Copper Bracelet 52Accessory0.0167%
Ring of the Sootfoot Archer 52Accessory0.0167%
Blocker of the Sootfoot Shaman 52Shield0.0167%
Sash of Ash and Flame 52Accessory0.0167%
Oblong Melted Bangle 52Accessory0.0167%
Symbol of Ash and Flame 52Shield0.0167%
Lava Crystal Earring 52Accessory0.0167%
Stringed Basalt Choker 52Accessory0.0167%
Blackened Waist Wrap 52Accessory0.0167%