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Zone:The Deep Forge
Possible Classes:Bruiser
Difficulty:^ ^ Heroic
Classifications:Humanoid, Living, Ogre, Organic, Terrestrial, Warmblooded
NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
Brick of Iron Ore 0Item23.6842%
Advanced Adornments Volume 1 0Recipe Book20%
Brick of Silvril Ore 0Item7.8947%
Brick of Thalium Ore 0Item7.8947%
Brick of Bronze Ore 0Item5.2632%
ogre hard candy 0Item5%
Burnt Recipe Page 7 0Recipe Book2.6316%
Burnt Recipe Page 6 0Recipe Book2.6316%
Seared Deep Forge Legplates 67Armor2%
Seared Deep Forge Greaves 67Armor2%
Seared Deep Forge Leggings 67Armor2%
Charred Deep Forge Legplates 77Armor1.3333%
Scorched Deep Forge Leggings 57Armor1.3333%
Scorched Deep Forge Legplates 57Armor1.3333%
Charred Deep Forge Greaves 77Armor1.3333%
Scorched Deep Forge Greaves 57Armor1.3333%
Charred Deep Forge Leggings 77Armor1.3333%
sundered obsidian 0Item1%
Fiery Carnelian 0Item1%
Shaped Onyx Earring 67Accessory0.750%
Bracers of the Embers 67Accessory0.750%
Musings of the Fire Dancer 67Shield0.750%
Shaped Onyx Stud 67Accessory0.750%
Blaze Wrought Defender 67Shield0.750%
Shaped Onyx Bangle 67Accessory0.750%
Bracelet of the Arcane Magician 67Accessory0.750%
Blackened Deep Forge Leggings 47Armor0.6667%
Blackened Deep Forge Legplates 47Armor0.6667%
Blackened Deep Forge Greaves 47Armor0.6667%
Bracelet of the Arcane Acolyte 57Accessory0.500%
Bracers of the Netherflame 77Accessory0.500%
Bracelet of the Arcane Elementalist 77Accessory0.500%
Flame Wrought Defender 57Shield0.500%
Shaped Obsidian Bangle 77Accessory0.500%
Bracers of the Cinders 57Accessory0.500%
Musings of the Flame Dancer 77Shield0.500%
Shaped Magmal Earring 57Accessory0.500%
Shaped Magmal Bangle 57Accessory0.500%
Shaped Magmal Stud 57Accessory0.500%
Musings of the Pyre Dancer 57Shield0.500%
Shaped Obsidian Earring 77Accessory0.500%
Shaped Obsidian Stud 77Accessory0.500%
Lava Wrought Defender 77Shield0.500%
Burnt Tome Page 90Accessory0.3333%
Earring of Druid Flame 90Accessory0.3333%
Molten Choker of Speed 90Accessory0.3333%
Forearms of Fiery Agility 90Armor0.3333%
Bangle of Singed Scales 90Accessory0.3333%
Flame Etched Runic Bangle 90Accessory0.3333%
Shaped Molten Rock Earring 47Accessory0.2222%
Band of the Ashes 47Accessory0.2222%
Shaped Molten Rock Bangle 47Accessory0.2222%
Bracer of the Ashes 47Accessory0.2222%
Flame Wrought Defender 47Shield0.2222%
Musings of the Ember Dancer 47Shield0.2222%
Shaped Molten Rock Stud 47Accessory0.2222%
Bracelet of the Arcane Initiate 47Accessory0.2222%
azure charm 0Item0.1538%
blue lotus petal 0Item0.0769%
black spider silk 0Item0.0769%
black stone 0Item0.0769%
transcribed songbook 0Item0.0769%
ancient tablet 0Item0.0769%
waterproofed rope 0Item0.0769%
lucky rabbit foot 0Item0.0769%
half-burned ceremonial candle 0Item0.0769%
dropped ledger 0Item0.0769%
fearsome carved wooden mask 0Item0.0769%
bloodstained bat fang 0Item0.0769%