Zone:The Palace of Sabaron
Possible Classes:Monk
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Heroic
Classifications:Biped, Desert Of Ro, Djinn, Hoverer, Living, Nocharm, Organic, Warmblooded
Grants AA

NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
Sand-worn Tunic 60Armor28.5714%
Starred Robe 60Armor28.5714%
Sanctified Tunic 70Armor28.5714%
Stellar Robe 70Armor28.5714%
Deathly Breastplate 80Armor28.5714%
Shadowy Chainmail 70Armor28.5714%
Sanctified Chainmail 70Armor28.5714%
Celestial Robe 80Armor28.5714%
Ashen Tunic 70Armor28.5714%
Ashen Breastplate 70Armor28.5714%
Consecrated Breastplate 60Armor28.5714%
Revered Chainmail 80Armor28.5714%
Deathly Tunic 80Armor28.5714%
Tenebrous Chainmail 60Armor28.5714%
Sand-worn Breastplate 60Armor28.5714%
Consecrated Chainmail 60Armor28.5714%
Revered Tunic 80Armor28.5714%
Dark Chainmail 80Armor28.5714%
Sanctified Breastplate 70Armor28.5714%
Consecrated Tunic 60Armor28.5714%
Revered Breastplate 80Armor28.5714%
Blessed Sands Chainmail 90Armor14.2857%
Ghastly Sands Gi 90Armor14.2857%
Spectral Sands Chainmail 90Armor14.2857%
Ghastly Sands Breastplate 90Armor14.2857%
Astral Sands Robe 90Armor14.2857%
Blessed Sands Long Leather Robe 90Armor14.2857%
Blessed Sands Breastplate 90Armor14.2857%
Sanctified Relic 70Accessory5%
Dark Shard 80Accessory5%
Tenebrous Shard 60Accessory5%
Sand-worn Sigil 60Accessory5%
Celestial Rune 80Accessory5%
Ashen Sigil 70Accessory5%
Consecrated Relic 60Accessory5%
Revered Relic 80Accessory5%
Starred Rune 60Accessory5%
Deathly Sigil 80Accessory5%
Shadowy Shard 70Accessory5%
Stellar Rune 70Accessory5%
Ghastly Sigil 90Accessory2.500%
Astral Rune 90Accessory2.500%
Blessed Relic 90Accessory2.500%
Spectral Shard 90Accessory2.500%