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Zone:Ward of Elements
Faction:The Everdark Mauls
Possible Classes:Monk
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x2
Classifications:Air Elemental, Biped, Magical, Nocharm, Organic, Terrestrial

NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
large lustrous steam-scoured stone 0Item25%
large glimmering globe of steam 0Item2%
Elemental Idol of Thought 80Accessory0.7143%
Elemental Idol of Ice 80Accessory0.7143%
Elemental Idol of Poison 80Accessory0.7143%
Elemental Idol of Marr 80Accessory0.7143%
Elemental Idol of Storms 80Accessory0.7143%
Elemental Idol of Disease 80Accessory0.7143%
Elemental Idol of Flame 80Accessory0.7143%
Lava Dipped Clasp 79Accessory0.450%
Sulfur Fused Stud 79Accessory0.450%
Thought Provoking Clasp 79Accessory0.450%
Crystalized Elemental Circlet 79Accessory0.450%
Lava Dipped Stud 79Accessory0.450%
Crystalized Noxious Circlet 79Accessory0.450%
Rocky Noxious Band 79Accessory0.450%
Sulfur Fused Clasp 79Accessory0.450%
Rocky Prismatic Band 79Accessory0.450%
Thought Provoking Stud 79Accessory0.450%
Lava Dipped Cinch 79Accessory0.450%
Sulfur Fused Cinch 79Accessory0.450%
Rocky Elemental Band 79Accessory0.450%
Crystalized Soul Circlet 79Accessory0.450%
Sulfur Fused Bangle 79Accessory0.450%
Rocky Soul Band 79Accessory0.450%
Thought Provoking Bangle 79Accessory0.450%
Thought Provoking Cinch 79Accessory0.450%
Lava Dipped Bangle 79Accessory0.450%
Crystalized Prismatic Circlet 79Accessory0.450%