Shaman Medicus  

Zone:Jarsath Wastes
Faction:Clan Skleross
Classifications:Coldblooded, Multiped, Organic, Skorpikis, Terrestrial

This NPC will only interact with you if:
  • You have sufficient faction with Clan Skleross
    • Your faction must be at least ??? to receive his quests.

Medicus stands just south of the Temple of the Red Lord Sokokar Post.

He gives the following series of quests:

  1. Red, White and Dead (80) - Find Medicus' missing pupil
  2. Along Came a Drachnid (80) - Kill 10 Drachnids and find the tablet they took
  3. Tome Sweet Tome (80) - Kill: ashfire drakes and magmatic destroyers, and gather pollen from magma blooms
  4. A Path for Medicus (81) - Help the shaman leave Skyfire

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