Vocal Rift Set  

  • (2) Removes the concentration cost of Riana's Relentless Tune VI.
  • (4) Reduces the recast of Cacophony of Blades II by 30 seconds.
  • (5) Adds an additional trigger chance increase to Cacophony of Blades II and Perfection of the Maestro II.
  • (6) Adds 10% melee accuracy to Songster's Luck VI.
Vocal Rift Helm 80Armor
Vocal Rift Gloves 80Armor
Vocal Rift Greaves 80Armor
Vocal Rift Cuirass 80Armor
Vocal Rift Wrists 80Armor
Vocal Rift Mantle 80Armor
Vocal Rift Boots 80Armor

This is a Fabled Tier 4 shard armor set. See: Shadow Odyssey Fabled Shard Armor

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