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agate orb 20ShieldDropped
agate orb 20Shield 
Agate Orb 20ShieldCrafted
Agna's Symbol of Icy Spears 90ShieldDropped
Agony Orb 22Shield 
Ahkar, Sandcrawler's Bane 49Shield 
Ahketian Tome of Summoning 50ShieldQuest Reward, Quest Item
Alder Buckler 2ShieldCrafted
Alder Round Shield 2ShieldCrafted
alderwood buckler 4ShieldDropped
alderwood fiber tome 0Shield 
alderwood round shield 1ShieldDropped
Algae Covered Shell Buckler 6Shield 
Algid Roundshield 39Shield 
Amazingly Light Runeshield 10Shield 
Amber Orb 80ShieldCrafted
Amethyst Orb 8Shield 
Amorisa 47ShieldQuest Reward, Quest Item
Ancestral Orb 9Shield 
Anchor-Bolted Bulwark 50Shield 
Ancient Blocker of the Warrior Priest 79ShieldCrafted
Ancient Bone Idol 12Shield 
Ancient Bone Kite Shield 17Shield 
Ancient Bone Targe 17Shield 
Ancient Buckler of Battle 76Shield