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010_05_priest_symbol 10Shield 
010_05_priest_symbol_2 10Shield 
010_07_priest_symbol 10Shield 
010_09_priest_symbol_2 10Shield 
030_05_scout_ranged 30Shield 
050_09_priest_shield_4 50Shield 
050_09_scout_shield_4 50Shield 
060_07_priest_symbol 60Shield 
070_07_priest_symbol 70Shield 
Abelbrow's Buckler of Frore 90ShieldDropped
Abominable Crest 78ShieldDropped
Acquisitor Effigy 23Shield 
Acquisitor Writ 20Shield 
Acrylia Censer 62ShieldCrafted
Acrylia Idol 62ShieldCrafted
Acrylia Symbol 62ShieldCrafted
adamantine orb 60ShieldPurchased
adamantine symbol 60ShieldPurchased
Adamantine Tablet 60ShieldCrafted, Quest Item
Adoring Idol of Abjuration 79ShieldDropped
Adrium's Guard 0ShieldDropped
Adventurer's Buckler of Clouds 11Shield 
Adventurer's Buckler of Concentration 11Shield 
Adventurer's Buckler of Devotion 11Shield 
Adventurer's Buckler of Elements 11Shield 
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