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Fleshy Strands 0Potion 
Flute of Zan Fi 1Potion 
Force of Cessation 0Potion 
Frenzied Badger Claws 1Potion 
Frenzy Root 1PotionQuest Item
Fresh Apple Pie 1Potion 
fresh-cut rose 0Potion 
Fright Night Goodies 0Potion 
Frizznik's Projectile Gnomish Pudding 1PotionCrafted
Froglok Shackles 0PotionQuest Item
Frostfell cracker 0PotionCrafted
Geldrani's Vial 0PotionQuest Item
Geobot IX 0PotionQuest Item
Geobot XII 0PotionQuest Item
Ghoulish Chews 0Potion 
Gift of the Seeress 0Potion 
Gift of Waking Dream 0Potion 
Gigglegibber Rock Polisher 0PotionQuest Item
Goblin Attuned XMKZ2.0 Survey Bot 1PotionQuest Item
Goblin Trickster's Dust 1Potion 
Golem Switch 1PotionDropped
Greater Badger Claw 50PotionDropped
Greater Barracuda Tooth 50PotionDropped
Greater Bear Claw 50PotionDropped
Greater Blood of the Wolf 50PotionDropped