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Brasse's Dwarven Battle Bread 1PotionCrafted
Bucket of Meat 1PotionQuest Item
Bundle of Iofer 1PotionQuest Reward, Quest Item
Cell of the Veil 0Potion 
Charging Bull Rush 0PotionQuest Reward, Quest Item
Chokéball 0PotionQuest Item
Chokéball 0Potion 
Chokéball 0PotionQuest Item
Chunk of Overflowing Elemental Strength 0Potion 
Civean Il'Pernod's Conflagrant Component 0Potion 
Coldain Special Ale 0Potion 
Conch of the Onaya Ancestors 80Potion 
Creamy Pie 1Potion 
Crystal of Discord 20PotionPurchased
Damaged Droag Armor 0Potion 
Dar'Lek's Skull 0Potion 
Dark Elf Giblets 0PotionDropped
Decaying Mist Receptacle 0PotionQuest Reward, Quest Item
Descrying Beacon 0PotionQuest Item
Discord Token 10PotionQuest Reward, Quest Item
Domino's Delectable Jumjum Pie 1PotionCrafted
Drachnid Suit 0PotionQuest Item
Draft of the Expert 1Potion 
Draft of the Prodigal 1Potion 
Draft of the Sage 1Potion