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Superior Potion of the Advanced 0Potion 
Superior Potion of the Advanced 0Potion 
Tause Seed 0PotionQuest Item
Tear of Discord 20PotionPurchased
The corpse of Jehro Trammul 0Potion 
Thick Skin Elixir 1Potion 
thin glass vial 0PotionQuest Item
Tonic of Acceleration 0Potion 
Touch of the Peacemaker 0Potion 
Toxxulia's Draught 0Potion 
Transit Key 0PotionQuest Item
Transmogrification Elixir 60PotionQuest Reward, Quest Item
Trap for Guardian's Gulch 1PotionQuest Item
Trap for Hollowfrost Grove 1PotionQuest Item
trapped spirits 0PotionQuest Item
Trial Batch Number 17 1Potion 
Trial Batch Number 18 1Potion 
Tserrina's Piercing Gaze 0Potion 
Ul'Alarum Oracle Stone 0PotionQuest Item
Un-Attuned XMKZ2.0 Survey Bot 1PotionQuest Item
Undead Attuned XMKZ2.0 Survey Bot 1PotionQuest Item
Vial of Tunare's Breath 0PotionQuest Item
Virile Frenzy 16PotionQuest Reward, Quest Item
Void Discord Token 80Potion 
Volatile Fluid 60Potion