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Max's Miracle Cure 80Poison 
Naylie's Noob Nuker 1000 0Poison 
Neophyte's Arcane Remedy 2PoisonCrafted
Neophyte's Caustic Poison 2PoisonCrafted
Neophyte's Elemental Remedy 2PoisonCrafted
Neophyte's Noxious Remedy 2PoisonCrafted
Noxious Remedy 10PoisonCrafted
Paul's Test Noxious Reprieve 80Poison 
Poisoned Seeds of the Tender 70PoisonCrafted
Potion of Bountiful Harvests 1Poison 
Potion of Critical Success 1Poison 
Potion of Hastened Learning 1Poison 
Potion of Innovation 1Poison 
Potion of Progress 1Poison 
Potion of Status 1Poison 
Potion of Success 1Poison 
Red Potion 80Poison 
Redwood Patch Kit 0Poison 
Regimental Elixir of Combat 72PoisonCrafted
Regimental Essence of Combat 72PoisonCrafted
Remarkable Arcane Remedy 50PoisonCrafted, Quest Item
Remarkable Arcane Reprieve 50PoisonCrafted, Quest Item
Remarkable Caustic Poison 50PoisonCrafted
Remarkable Elemental Remedy 50PoisonCrafted, Quest Item
Remarkable Elemental Reprieve 50PoisonCrafted, Quest Item