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bland beer braised caiman 50Food 
bland beer braised deer 1Food 
bland beer braised manticore 40FoodCrafted
bland beer braised pork 20FoodCrafted
bland beer braised vulrich 10Food 
bland black walnut fudge 10Food 
bland black walnut pie 10Food 
bland blowfish pasta 40FoodCrafted
bland boiled crayfish 20FoodCrafted
bland bread 1Food 
bland breaded blowfish 40FoodCrafted
bland breaded flounder 1Food 
bland breaded shrimp 50Food 
bland browncap mushroom omelet 40FoodCrafted
bland browncap mushroom stew 40FoodCrafted
bland cabbage omelet 1Food 
bland cabbage stew 1Food 
bland caiman casserole 50Food 
bland caiman jerky 50Food 
bland caiman pasta 50Food 
bland caiman pie 50Food 
bland caiman sandwich 50Food 
bland caiman soup 50Food 
bland caiman steak 50Food 
bland candied almond 20FoodCrafted