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Baubbleberry Pie 10Food 
Bear Casserole 30FoodCrafted, Quest Item
bear casserole 30FoodCrafted
bear jerky 30FoodCrafted
bear pasta 30FoodCrafted
bear pie 30FoodCrafted
bear ribs 30FoodPurchased
Bear Sandwich 30FoodCrafted, Quest Item
bear sandwich 30FoodCrafted
bear soup 30FoodCrafted
Bear Steak 30FoodCrafted, Quest Item
bear steak 30FoodCrafted
beaver tail 100FoodPurchased
beer braised bear 30FoodCrafted
beer braised caiman 50Food 
beer braised deer 1Food 
beer braised manticore 40FoodCrafted
beer braised pork 20FoodCrafted
Beer Braised Pork 20FoodCrafted, Quest Item
beer braised vulrich 10Food 
Behemoth Reduction 70FoodCrafted
black walnut fudge 10Food 
black walnut pie 10Food 
bland almond crusted mackerel 20FoodCrafted
bland almond fudge 20FoodCrafted