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chilled golden monkey 40DrinkCrafted
chilled golden saucer 20DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
chilled green fairy 40DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
chilled green tea 30DrinkCrafted
chilled hailstorm 20DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
chilled halasian porter 1Drink 
chilled hog's breath bock 30DrinkCrafted
chilled honey fizzlepop 30DrinkCrafted
chilled honey liqueur 30DrinkCrafted
chilled hot toddy 1Drink 
chilled ice coffee 30DrinkCrafted
chilled ice comet 10DrinkQuest Item
chilled iced silk 10DrinkQuest Item
chilled jumjum beer 1DrinkQuest Item
chilled jumjum brandy 1Drink 
chilled jumjum cider 1Drink 
chilled jumjum fizzlepop 1Drink 
chilled jumjum juice 1Drink 
chilled jumjum milk 1Drink 
chilled jumjum sparkling wine 1Drink 
chilled jumjum tea 1Drink 
chilled jumjum wine 1DrinkQuest Item
chilled kerran catastrophe 1Drink 
chilled Maj'Dul coffee 50Drink 
chilled malt beer 10DrinkQuest Item