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chilled black coffee 1Drink 
chilled black tea 10DrinkQuest Item
chilled blasted samoflange 20DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
chilled blue blaze 10DrinkQuest Item
chilled brandy 1Drink 
chilled brown ale 20DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
chilled bumble bee 30DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
chilled cabbage kalish 1Drink 
chilled cardamom fizzlepop 40DrinkCrafted
chilled carrot kalish 10DrinkQuest Item
chilled chai 50Drink 
chilled cider slider 30DrinkCrafted
chilled cinnamon fizzlepop 20DrinkCrafted
chilled clove fizzlepop 50Drink 
chilled color flux 40DrinkCrafted
chilled corn malted milk 40DrinkCrafted
chilled cracked spire 1Drink 
chilled creamed antonican coffee 10DrinkQuest Item
chilled creamed black coffee 1Drink 
chilled creamed ice coffee 30DrinkCrafted
chilled creamed Maj'dul coffee 50Drink 
chilled creamed mountain coffee 20DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
chilled creamed robust coffee 40DrinkCrafted
chilled cucumber kalish 30DrinkCrafted
chilled darjeeling tea 50Drink