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Power Potion 0Bauble 
Quickness Potion 0Bauble 
Wand of Obliteration 0Bauble 
Research Time Reduction 0Bauble 
Scroll of Resurrection 0Bauble 
Health Potion 0Bauble 
Rune of Devastation 0Bauble 
Forgiveness Potion 0Bauble 
Research Time Reduction III 0Bauble 
Research Time Reduction II 0Bauble 
Cure Potion 0Bauble 
Solusek's Cinnamon Surprise 0BaublePurchased
Imp of Misfortune 0Bauble 
Helm of Foamy Goodness 0BaubleQuest Reward, Quest Item
Liquid Courage 0BaubleQuest Reward, Quest Item
Liquid Courage 0Bauble 
Ritual of Cleansing 0Bauble 
Prayer of Water Sanctification 0Bauble 
Potion of Obscuration 0BaubleQuest Item
Stone of Obscuration 0BaubleQuest Item
Tether to the Disciple 0Bauble 
Frizzleclang Metalpickerupper-mabob IV 0BaubleQuest Item
sky lure 0BaubleQuest Item
Petamorph Wand: Frigid Icemaw 0BaublePurchased
Petamorph Wand: Ice Crab 0BaublePurchased