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Dance of the Bellywhumper 0Bauble 
Legends Free Character Slot 0Bauble 
Vhalen's Tribute Band Recording: 'The Goblins' 0Bauble 
Companion of Prexus 0Bauble 
Parrot 0Bauble 
Fury of Di'Zok 0Bauble 
Shimmering Fists 0Bauble 
Icy Touch 0Bauble 
Rune of Portals 0Bauble 
Personal Theme Music: Drafling Tower 0Bauble 
Burning Touch 0Bauble 
Nature's Wrath 0Bauble 
Vhalen's Tribute Band Recording: 'Lavastorm' 0Bauble 
Vhalen's Tribute Band 0Bauble 
Badge of Thyr 0Bauble 
Wand of Forgiveness 0Bauble 
Necromantic Construct 0Bauble 
Stein of Recollection 0Bauble 
Serpent of Decay 0Bauble 
Superior Rune of Portals 0Bauble 
Drogan Distraction 0Bauble 
Bottled Intellect 0Bauble 
Klakanon's Watch 0Bauble 
Seafury Buccaneer 0Bauble 
Sultan's Fancy 0Bauble