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Spiritweaver's Sacred Chausses 0Armor 
Stormbringer's Sacred Pants 0Armor 
Stormbringer's Sacred Pants 0Armor 
Spiritweaver's Sacred Chausses 0Armor 
Slimy Arm Wraps 0ArmorDropped
Sapswill Tunic 0ArmorDropped
Antler Plated Chestguard 0ArmorDropped
Horse Sentry Pauldrons 0ArmorDropped
Morak Hide Helm 0ArmorDropped
Crab Carapace Chestplate 0ArmorDropped
Sapswill Bracers 0ArmorDropped
Bloody Sleeves 0ArmorDropped
Bone Plated Gauntlets 0ArmorDropped
Sandstalker Legplates 0Armor 
Sapswill Shawl 0ArmorDropped
Feathered Helm 0ArmorDropped
Wax Worked Cap 0ArmorDropped
Tainted Gloves 0ArmorDropped
Bone Studded Leggings 0ArmorDropped
Bone Studded Gauntlets 0ArmorDropped
Studded Wolf Skin Gloves 0ArmorDropped
Fish Scale Circlet 0ArmorDropped
Ribbed Arm Wraps 0ArmorDropped
Bloody Robe 0ArmorDropped
Beastmaster Sleeves 0ArmorDropped