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waxed wristguards 0ArmorDropped
Tailored Rawhide Wristguards 0Armor 
Tailored Strengthened Boots 0ArmorCrafted
common low woven shawl 0Armor 
Tailored Boiled Shoulder Pads 0ArmorCrafted
tailored laborer's vest 0Armor 
Tailored Stonehide Skull Cap 0Armor 
Tailored Boiled Boots 0ArmorCrafted
rare low magus shawl 0Armor 
common medium woven shawl 0Armor 
artifact high woven shawl 0Armor 
tailored tanned gloves 0Armor 
artifact medium magus shawl 0Armor 
Tailored Tanned Pants 0Armor 
artifact medium woven shawl 0Armor 
Tailored Stonehide Shoulder Pads 0Armor 
Tailored Waxed Skullcap 0Armor 
shaped tailored tanned skull cap 0ArmorQuest Item
tailored laborer's cape 0Armor 
rare low woven shawl 0Armor 
magician's cap 0ArmorCrafted
machinist's shoes 0ArmorDropped
Tailored Waxed Gloves 0Armor 
shaped tailored tanned pants 0Armor 
uncommon high magus shawl 0Armor