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Chief Engineer's Padded Shoulderstrap 90Armor 
Moss-woven Hanging Mantle 90Armor 
Explorer's Double-Link Chainmail Drape 90Armor 
Fish Scale Gleaming Vambraces 90Armor 
Grand Surveyor's Vulrich Hide Cowl 90Armor 
Dented Dwarven Steel Gardbraces 90Armor 
Bonded Leather Recycled Sleeves 90Armor 
Scrap Golem's Plated Armguards 90Armor 
Platinum Plated Sleeves of the Pious 90Armor 
Steel Golem's Hollowed Arms 90Armor 
NPC natural_100 very light tunic 100Armor 
NPC natural_100 heavy breastplate 100Armor 
NPC natural_100 medium cuirass 100Armor 
NPC natural_100 light jerkin 100Armor 
Blackwater Mask 150ArmorQuest Item