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Ice Chipped Belt 5AccessoryDropped
Cinture of the Ethernere Magician 50AccessoryDropped
iron girdle 12AccessoryDropped
Pulsing Adornment of Agility 86AdornmentQuest Reward, Quest Item
Journeyman's Belt of the Gambler 1Accessory 
Overking's Belt of Clouds 66Accessory 
Defensive Ornamental Sash of Odus 80Accessory 
Zantril scale belt 64AccessoryDropped
Silent Shardwurm Sash 90AccessoryDropped
Defender's Strap of the Geyser 38AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Belt of the Poisoned Wave 90AccessoryDropped
Crude Fashioned Rhodium Girdle 42Accessory 
Skyfire Belt of Grace 76Accessory 
Sewn Girdle of Restoration 50AccessoryDropped
yellow monitor-hide belt 1Accessory 
Cord of the Contestant 24Accessory 
Bone-Clasped Girdle 64AccessoryQuest Reward, Purchased, Quest Item
Girdle of Scorched Keys 90AccessoryDropped
augmented leather belt 40AccessoryDropped
Summoner's Waistchain of Bolstering 47AccessoryDropped
Ivory-Buckled Cordovan Belt 10AccessoryDropped
Adjutant's Belt 62Accessory 
tailored scaled belt 47Accessory 
Draft of Velium 90AdornmentPurchased
Gravemagus Belt 69Accessory