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Relentless Will 90AdornmentPurchased
Griffin Feather Sash 19Accessory 
Shimmering Belt of the Stars 48Accessory 
Exalted Belt of the Tree 61Accessory 
Muj'Fahd's Belt of Will 46AccessoryDropped
Arcane Belt of Grace 71Accessory 
Empowered Belt Buckle 3Accessory 
Pitted Stone Belt 7AccessoryDropped
Dust Flecked Belt 7AccessoryDropped
Shadowed Gnomeskin Apron 90AccessoryDropped
Frostguard's Girdle 67AccessoryDropped
tailored rawhide belt 1Accessory 
Belt of Glowing Ice 82AccessoryPurchased
Halfling Defender's Girdle 30AccessoryDropped
Sash of the Contestant 24Accessory 
League Wraps 68Accessory 
Opulent Cummerbund of the Brigade Magician 24AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Fairydust Cord 57Accessory 
Sash of Creeping Cognition 80AccessoryDropped
Overking's Belt of the Oceans 66Accessory 
Mutating Sash 90AccessoryDropped
Quartermaster's Quarter Sash 80AccessoryCollection Reward, Shiny
Band of Knotted Mammoth Hair 86AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Shade's Belt 86AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Icebrew Belt 6AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item