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Black Blightcaller Belt 77AccessoryDropped
yellow monitor-hide belt 1Accessory 
Cord of the Tundra Dweller 90AccessoryDropped
Opulent Cummerbund of the Brigade Defender 24AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Notched Leather Belt 17AccessoryDropped
Chained Power Sash 78AccessoryCrafted
Battle Belt of the Ragebourne 90AccessoryDropped
Sash of the Hua Mein 90Accessory 
Imperial Belt of Survival 56Accessory 
Balthazen's Belt 47Accessory 
Shaped Fashioned Boiled Leather Belt 20Accessory 
War Torn Girdle 90Accessory 
Shaped Fashioned Augmented Leather Belt 42Accessory 
Sash of the Bechoi Stonemason 79AccessoryDropped
crude fashioned gold girdle 14AccessoryCrafted
Overking's Belt of the Gambler 66Accessory 
Cinture of the Desert Sword 50AccessoryDropped
Radiant Belt of the Iron-heart 61Accessory 
Froglok Skin Cord 80AccessoryDropped
Sash of the Primarch 90AccessoryPurchased
Exalted Belt of Survival 61Accessory 
Bayle's Blemished Amulet of Benediction 15AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Emperor's Belt of Storms 71Accessory 
Ancient Rallosian Girdle 4AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Ferocious Frozen Filament 80AccessoryPurchased