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Forest Shoulderpads of the Far Seas Traders 60ArmorPurchased
Exorcist's Pauldrons 75ArmorPurchased
Primordial Pauldrons of the Knight 90ArmorDropped, Purchased, Crafted
Tailored Dexterous Hidebound Leather Shoulder Pads 72Armor 
Gremner's Sturdy Shoulder Pads 87ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
Exalted Collar of the Stoic 61Armor 
Pulsing Adornment of Agility 86AdornmentQuest Reward, Quest Item
Sparkling Septic Strap Stone 20Adornment 
Shaped Tailored Tranquil Sandcloth Shawl 50Armor 
Grand Surveyor's Vulrich Hide Cowl 90Armor 
Ancient Spaulders of Fangs 76Armor 
Imperial Spaulders of the Nimble 56Armor 
Emperor's Shoulder Pads of Clouds 71Armor 
Grandmaster's Spaulders of Prophets 80Armor 
Opulent Collar of the Oceans 66Armor 
Mythwail's Mantle 42Armor 
Journeyman's Collar of the Tree 1Armor 
Scrapper's Arm Wraps 10ArmorDropped
Radiating Gem of Striking 1AdornmentQuest Reward, Quest Item
Hyena Hide Cape 10ArmorDropped
Radiant Collar of Light 61Armor 
Hammered Link Sleeves 2Armor 
Cowl of Thirst 49Armor 
Revered Mantle 80Armor 
Ardorous Pillager's Blessed Spaulders 60ArmorPurchased