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Orb of the Stargazer 30ShieldPurchased
Steppes Ranger's Longbow 20Weapon 
Twisted Skull Sculpture 90ShieldDropped
Glyphed Talisman 32ShieldDropped
Deathbone Bow of Blood 90WeaponDropped
Tailored Cured Leather Satchel 12Weapon 
Dark Knight's Holy Symbol 79ShieldCrafted
Censer of Everlasting Death 57ShieldDropped
osmium tablet 29Shield 
Mark of the Wise 12Shield 
Runed Molten Tablet 44Shield 
Traveler's Symbol of the Deep 1Shield 
Caradiea, Short Bow of Life 70WeaponDropped
Shimmering Judicious Composite Gear 10Adornment 
Frostwind Oracle's Blessed Staff 90WeaponQuest Reward, Quest Item
Test Gas Vial 45Weapon 
Smoldering Strengthened Sinew 70Adornment 
Nomad's Bow of Fangs 11Weapon 
crude Imbued horned leather sheath 60Weapon 
shaped fashioned feysteel tablet 26Shield 
Vagabond's Bow of the Knight 16Weapon 
Ancient Pouch of Grace 76Weapon 
Bookmark of Healing Text 90ShieldDropped
Emperor's Bow of the Tempest 71Weapon 
tailored horned leather sheath 60Weapon