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Imbued Tanned Leather Pouch 10WeaponCrafted
Handcrafted Bone Bow 30Weapon 
Wand of Ratcheting 90Weapon 
Draconic Bow of the Guardian 80Weapon 
Cracked Bow of the Huntress 13WeaponQuest Reward, Quest Item
crude tailored scaled sheath 46Weapon 
Crude Conditioned Sandalwood Long Bow 50Weapon 
elm long bow 1WeaponPurchased
Sokokar Skin Satchel 73WeaponQuest Reward, Quest Item
Glimmering Telekinetic Ornament 30Adornment 
Emperor's Pouch of the Sun 71Weapon 
Longbow of Humility 71WeaponQuest Reward, Quest Item
Wanderer's Pouch of the Tree 16Weapon 
Bloody Bow 0WeaponDropped
Relentless Will 90AdornmentPurchased
Battle Bandolier 90WeaponPurchased
Calamitous Pouch of the Boundless 70WeaponCrafted
Tome of Sacred Feathers 56Shield 
Orb of Swirling Worlds 90ShieldDropped
Bow of the Underpaw Commander 22WeaponDropped
Shaped Fashioned Scaled Leather Tome 52Shield 
Desert Walker's Sand-worn Satchel 40WeaponDropped
Book of Rhythmic Change 50ShieldDropped
Satchel of the Lost 90Weapon 
Lavish Bow of the Loving Huntress 65Weapon