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shaped fashioned opal orb 26Shield 
Exalted Symbol of the Deep 61Shield 
Petulant Satchel 25WeaponPurchased
Crude Imbued Teak Long Bow 40Weapon 
Fulginate Tablet 40ShieldCrafted, Quest Item
Grandmaster's Symbol of Battle 80Shield 
Swamp Strategist's Bow 76Weapon 
Piercing Bow of the Nightstalker 61WeaponDropped
Shaped Fashioned Feyiron Idol 30Shield 
Adventurer's Symbol of Concentration 11Shield 
Staff of Divine Rage 50WeaponDropped
Draconic Pouch of Clouds 80Weapon 
Emperor's Pouch of the Iron-heart 71Weapon 
crude conditioned ash short bow 14Weapon 
shaped tailored boiled bandolier 20WeaponQuest Item
Draconic Bow of Battle 80Weapon 
Skyfire Pouch of Vision 76Weapon 
Radiant Symbol of Battle 61Shield 
Shortbow of the Twilight Archer 50WeaponDropped
Conditioned Oak Short Bow 32Weapon 
Ethereal Adornment of Critical Chance (Greater) 88AdornmentCrafted
Overking's Symbol of the Stoic 66Shield 
crude imbued cedar long bow 40Weapon 
Opulent Bow of Elements 66Weapon 
Aithelka, Mystical Focus 50WeaponDropped