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Radiant Pouch of Beasts 61Weapon 
Storeroom Inventory Tome 10ShieldDropped
Thexian Steel Symbol 55ShieldQuest Reward, Quest Item
imbued teak long bow 40Weapon 
Exalted Pouch of Elements 61Weapon 
cedarwood tome 40ShieldDropped
Crude Conditioned Briarwood Short Bow 30Weapon 
Dragonhide Leather Tome 62ShieldCrafted
shaped tailored dragonhide sheath 62Weapon 
Kaborite Enriched Bandolier 90WeaponDropped
Perpetually Frozen Long Bow 10WeaponDropped
Inflamed Velium Longbow 1WeaponCrafted
Crystal Bow of Fragmenting 40Weapon 
Symbol of Najenaar Dominance 80ShieldDropped, Purchased
Grandmaster's Pouch of Devotion 80Weapon 
Fashioned Feysteel Tablet 30Shield 
Lambent Righteous Ornament 50Adornment 
strengthened leather satchel 46WeaponDropped
Emblem of Fluidity 66ShieldDropped
Symbol of Pestilence 14ShieldDropped
Medium Male Mannequin 0House ItemCrafted
Vexing Stick 5Shield 
Imbued Teak Longbow 40WeaponCrafted
shaped conditioned elm short bow 1Weapon 
Mechamana Spanner 39Shield