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Iksar Skull-Tipped Staff 68WeaponDropped
crude forged cobalt pitchfork 44Weapon 
Blessed Carbonite Spiked Hammer 20WeaponCrafted
shaped imbued cobalt warhammer 52Weapon 
Bloodsaber Kukri 31Weapon 
Restored Spike of the Shadow Hunter 35Weapon 
Imbued Rosewood Bo Staff 60Weapon 
Hammer of the Forgemaster 30Weapon 
Imbued Sandalwood Greatstaff 50Weapon 
shaped imbued teak fighting baton 40Weapon 
imbued feyiron great sword 30Weapon 
Emperor's Shortsword of the Soldier 71Weapon 
Imbued Adamantine Javelin 60WeaponCrafted
Imbued Ebon Assault Axe 42WeaponCrafted
crude imbued steel spatha 20Weapon 
crude imbued carbonite trident 20Weapon 
imbued feyiron greatsword 30Weapon 
Battle-Crafted Feral Scimitar 20Weapon 
Assault Axe of the Crypt Protector 10Weapon 
Poison Imbued Sandalwood Wand 50Weapon 
Imbued Iron Dirk 10WeaponCrafted
shaped imbued ebon hand axe 40Weapon 
imbued feysteel battle hammer 30Weapon 
Fierce Lucanic Dagger of Timelessness 90WeaponPurchased
Blade of Balance 64WeaponDropped