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Blessed Ferrite Tribal Spear 70WeaponCrafted
Imbued Fulginate Bastard Sword 40Weapon 
Forged Fulginate Short Sword 40Weapon 
Overking's Great Staff of the Knight 66Weapon 
Male Ulteran Mannequin 0House ItemPurchased
Arcane Dagger of the Sun 71Weapon 
Wanderer's Great Spear of Knowledge 16Weapon 
conditioned oak club 28Weapon 
Forged Steel Greatmace 20Weapon 
forged fulginate scimitar 40Weapon 
Forged Feyiron Warhammer 30Weapon 
shaped forged feysteel assault axe 26Weapon 
forged feyiron kris 28Weapon 
old decaying staff 5WeaponDropped
Qeynosian Enchanter's Wand 3WeaponQuest Reward, Quest Item
crude forged feysteel kukri 24Weapon 
crude forged indium great mace 50Weapon 
Darkfaith Mace of Terror 30Weapon 
Crude Quarterstaff of Virtue 10Weapon 
Barnacle Encrusted Rapier 15Weapon 
forged indium long sword 50Weapon 
Saturnide Scimitar 67Weapon 
Forged Cobalt Karabela 50Weapon 
Tainted Blade of the Shadow Brute 15Weapon 
Kerra Staff of Claws 90Weapon