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shaped forged adamantine kukri 60Weapon 
Forged Feyiron Stiletto 30Weapon 
Explorer's Great Spear of Storms 56Weapon 
Blessed Steel Short Spear 22WeaponCrafted
crude imbued feysteel falchion 30Weapon 
Centurion's Short Blade 53WeaponQuest Reward, Quest Item
Crude Conditioned Oak Fighting Baton 32Weapon 
crude poison imbued oak wand 30Weapon 
Draconic Dagger of the Knight 80Weapon 
Opulent Shortsword of Beasts 66Weapon 
Forged Feyiron Crescent Axe 30Weapon 
Flickering Serpentine Temper 1Adornment 
Wanderer's Staff of Fangs 16Weapon 
master crafted laensteel executioner axe 20Weapon 
fulginate crescent axe 40Weapon 
Blessed Ferrite Katana 70WeaponCrafted
shaped imbued feyiron greatmace 30Weapon 
Steel Epee 23WeaponDropped
imbued steel assault axe 20Weapon 
Imbued Feysteel Tomahawk 32Weapon 
Imbued Ironwood Wand 52WeaponCrafted
Sai of the Hua Mein Adventurer 80WeaponPurchased
Furious War Scimitar 72WeaponQuest Reward, Quest Item
forged cobalt scepter 52Weapon 
crude forged feyiron epee 24Weapon