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Shaped Conditioned Ash Greatstaff 20Weapon 
Harbinger Hammer 47Weapon 
crude forged carbonite battle axe 20Weapon 
Imbued Incarnadine Sledge 72WeaponCrafted
Staff of the Coldwind Coast 11WeaponQuest Reward, Quest Item
crude forged feyiron short sword 30Weapon 
crude forged xegonite war axe 62Weapon 
Adventurer's Great Staff of Grace 11Weapon 
Whirling Wizard's Dagger of Power 10Weapon 
Explorer's Staff of Light 56Weapon 
crude forged ebon maul 34Weapon 
Traveler's Shortsword of Clouds 1Weapon 
Radiant Dagger of Battle 61Weapon 
Scourge of the Tormentor 30Weapon 
shaped forged carbonite greatflail 16WeaponQuest Item
Wanderer's Great Spear of Clouds 16Weapon 
Gallant's Sword 19Weapon 
Marran Cudgel 40WeaponDropped
Ulak of Perfect Strikes 68WeaponQuest Reward, Quest Item
crude imbued cobalt dagger 52Weapon 
Umbranis 65WeaponQuest Reward, Quest Item
Ferrite Ritual Dagger 70Weapon 
shaped forged carbonite short spear 20Weapon 
Wayward Staff of the Deep 6Weapon 
carbonite short spear 20WeaponPurchased