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Imbued Titanium Kris 80WeaponCrafted
crude imbued cedar club 40Weapon 
Blessed Steel Sledgehammer 22Weapon 
shaped tailored cuirboilli leather fist wraps 16Weapon 
Oakmyst Tempered Greataxe 9Weapon 
Imbued Ebony Greatstaff 62WeaponCrafted
Fanged Fist Wraps 16Weapon 
Magma Forged Ornate Spear 44Weapon 
Draconic Knuckles of Knowledge 80Weapon 
shaped forged feyiron crescent axe 30Weapon 
Skyfire Dagger of Clouds 76Weapon 
Blessed Cobalt War Maul 52WeaponCrafted
shaped forged fulginate long sword 36Weapon 
iron maul 10WeaponPurchased
shaped forged ebon tribal spear 36Weapon 
Tempered Infernium Dagger 90WeaponDropped
Shaped Forged Laensteel Stiletto 16Weapon 
Skewer of the Scaleborn 62WeaponQuest Reward, Quest Item
Deathdealer Magus Staff 90WeaponPurchased
Carotid Slicer 30Weapon 
poison imbued fir wand 20Weapon 
Hammer of Ancient Energy 70Weapon 
shaped imbued sandalwood fighting baton 50Weapon 
Granite-Grip Fistwraps 27Weapon 
Scintillating Molten Whetstone 60Adornment