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Shaped Fashioned Turquoise Elemental Locket 10Accessory 
Ancient Amulet of the Knight 76Accessory 
Imperial Amulet of Mirrors 56Accessory 
Ancient Bronze Amulet 53AccessoryQuest Item
Overking's Amulet of Beasts 66Accessory 
Slivered Shadow Necklace 90AccessoryDropped
Stone Wrought Necklace 63AccessoryDropped
Medallion of Skyfire 74AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Wandering Healer's Choker 40AccessoryDropped
Ice Chipped Choker 5AccessoryDropped
Journeyman Defender's Torque 40Accessory 
fashioned moonstone necklace 62Accessory 
Omen Rejector's Medallion 73AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Talisman of the Prime Healer 80AccessoryDropped
Fashioned Ruby Arcane Locket 42AccessoryCrafted
Shaped Fashioned Opaline Noxious Locket 30Accessory 
Empowered Torque of Volatile Magic 90Accessory 
nacre necklace 50Accessory 
Dark Warrior's Metalic Neckguard 60AccessoryDropped
Choker of Crystallized Blood 90AccessoryDropped
Shaped Fashioned Opaline Necklace 30Accessory 
Crude Fashioned Nacre Noxious Locket 50Accessory 
Atramenous Neckguard 32Accessory 
Fashioned Cambric Scarf 52AccessoryCrafted
Journeyman Defender's Choker 40Accessory