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Dust Mystic's Flair 68Accessory 
Warslick Rosary of Stealth 80AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Favor of the Fae 5AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Shaped Fashioned Agate Elemental Locket 20Accessory 
Vashotan Holy Rosary 79AccessoryDropped
kunzite necklace 70Accessory 
Fire Branded Signet 25AccessoryPurchased
ree scout whistle 8AccessoryDropped
shaped tailored cloth scarf 26Accessory 
Glimmering Adornment of Strength (Lesser) 36AdornmentCrafted
Exalted Amulet of Vision 61Accessory 
Braided Windhowler Reed Necklace 14Accessory 
Enchanted Healer's Medallion 30Accessory 
Shaped Fashioned Threadbare Scarf 1Accessory 
Traveler's Amulet of the Oceans 1Accessory 
Arcane Amulet of Survival 71Accessory 
Ilyan's Necklace 80AccessoryDropped
Concordant Pendant 45AccessoryPurchased
Roekillik Hide Collar 80AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Shahli's Necklace of the Stouthearted 87AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Emperor's Amulet of Elements 71Accessory 
Imperial Amulet of the Nimble 56Accessory 
Runed Torc of Might 90Accessory 
Fishbone Necklace 14Accessory 
Blood-Spattered Torque of Exceptional Refuge 90AccessoryDropped