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Wandering Stalker's Torque 40Accessory 
Shaped Fashioned Ruby Noxious Locket 42Accessory 
Rilissian Choker of Fangs 78AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Glimmering Adornment of Wisdom (Lesser) 36AdornmentCrafted
Locket of Unyielding Spirit 48AccessoryDropped
Lubesh Clan Crest 79AccessoryDropped
Crude Fashioned Opal Elemental Locket 32Accessory 
Fishing Lure Chain 76Accessory 
Shattered Lands Medium's Torque 46AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Emperor's Amulet of Survival 71Accessory 
Skyfire Amulet of Vision 76Accessory 
Torsian Noble's Pendant 74Accessory 
Spiked Collar of Ferocity 90Accessory 
Shaped Fashioned Nacre Arcane Locket 50Accessory 
Journeyman's Amulet of the Soldier 1Accessory 
Tailor's Choker 75Accessory 
Brellium Locket 82AccessoryCrafted
Lambent Adornment of Weaponry (Greater) 58AdornmentCrafted
Necklace of Animation 30Accessory 
Grand Choker of Righteous Anger 90AccessoryPurchased
Icemaw Teeth Necklace 13Accessory 
Grandmaster's Amulet of Clouds 80Accessory 
Overking's Amulet of Vision 66Accessory 
Coral Inlaid Silver Torque 8Accessory 
Crude Fashioned Fire Opal Necklace 24Accessory