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Doomeye Amulet 56Accessory 
Vagabond's Amulet of Devotion 16Accessory 
Dark Chitin Torque 13Accessory 
Blood-Red Rosary of Pain 70AccessoryDropped
Glowing Shard of Luclin 40Accessory 
Skyfire Amulet of the Gambler 76Accessory 
Necklace of the Winter Seed 34Accessory 
Energized Stalker's Medallion 30Accessory 
fashioned opal necklace 28Accessory 
Fashioned Ruthenium Torque 30Accessory 
Looming Sadness Gorget 90AccessoryDropped
tailored threadbare scarf 1Accessory 
tarnished lucky coin 4AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Traveler's Amulet of the Gambler 1Accessory 
Torque of the Devouring One 68AccessoryDropped
Etched Locket of Acuity 90AccessoryCrafted
Luminous Adornment of Magical Skill (Greater) 48AdornmentCrafted
Celestial Silver Necklace 29AccessoryDropped
Draconic Amulet of the Oceans 80Accessory 
Skyfire Amulet of the Stoic 76Accessory 
Fashioned Ruby Arcane Locket 42Accessory 
Vicar's Necklace of Annihilation 60AccessoryPurchased
Ruby Pendant 20AccessoryDropped
Soulclencher's Necklet 65AccessoryDropped
Shaped Fashioned Coral Elemental Locket 12Accessory