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Grandmaster's Amulet of Storms 80Accessory 
Exalted Amulet of Grace 61Accessory 
spiked blackshield choker 10Accessory 
Shimmering Judicious Clasp 10Adornment 
Journeyman Stalker's Choker 40Accessory 
Glittering Magmatic Necklace 77AccessoryCollection Reward, Shiny
Pulsing Adornment of Agility 86AdornmentQuest Reward, Quest Item
Vallon Zek's Gem of Strategy 90AccessoryDropped
Lucanic Defender's Torque 10AccessoryDropped
Kin'Pla's necklace of Tallon 32Accessory 
wolf fang necklace 1Accessory 
Etched Locket of Might 90Accessory 
Shocktrooper's Jeweled Necklace 90AccessoryPurchased
Amulet of Ferocity 80AccessoryDropped
Lambent Consecrated Hieroglyph 50Adornment 
Rejuvenating Necklace of the Dawn 60AccessoryDropped
Chain of the Caretaker 90AccessoryDropped
090_775_01_priest_neck 90Accessory 
shaped fashioned vanadium torque 46Accessory 
Rosary of the Sky Warrior 50AccessoryDropped
Necklace of Wisdom 51Accessory 
Vallonite Choker of Ire 90AccessoryDropped
Collar of Fury 90AccessoryDropped
gold torque 20AccessoryDropped
Rantukara's Talisman 52Accessory