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Imbued Tanned Leather Pants 10Armor 
Blackheart Pantaloons 67Armor 
Ancient Chaps of Battle 76Armor 
Imperial Chaps of the Oceans 56Armor 
tailored constructor's bloomers 40Armor 
Righteous Preacher's Immortal Plate Greaves 60Armor 
Imperial Leggings of the Iron-heart 56Armor 
sinister leggings 1ArmorCrafted
Focus: Blood Rage VI and Potency (PvP) 90Adornment 
Draconic Leggings of Devotion 80Armor 
Focus: Dispatch III and Strikethrough 90Adornment 
fire branded leather greaves 14ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
Otherworldly Ritualist's Chausses 67ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
Tailored Scaled Pants 50Armor 
Tranquil Sackcloth Pantaloons 1Armor 
Commander's Polished Leggings 72ArmorDropped
Fetid Leather Leggings 11ArmorDropped
Wanderer's Pantaloons of the Gambler 16Armor 
Battlemaster's Cobalt Legplates 70ArmorDropped
Stoneshapen Leggings 30Armor 
Ceremonial Plate Greaves of Service 0ArmorPurchased
Seared Deep Forge Greaves 67ArmorDropped
Troubador's Leggings 1Armor 
Pants of Abrupt Pursuasion 80ArmorPurchased
Grizzly Strength Greaves 15Armor