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Chronomaster's Augmentation of Speed 50AdornmentDropped
crude imbued canvas pantaloons 20Armor 
Focus: Harbinger VII and Spell Casting Speed 90Adornment 
Focus: Harbinger VII and Ability Reuse Speed 90Adornment 
Reinforced Buccaneer's Chausses 60Armor 
Greaves of the Doomguard 65ArmorPurchased
Crypt Beetle Leggings 1Armor 
Consecrated Pants of the Eternal Battlefield 90ArmorDropped
090_07_priest_chain_legs_2 90Armor 
Scintillating Septic Rune Brace 60Adornment 
Crude Forged Feyiron Brigandine Leggings 30Armor 
Focus: Lesser Riposte 80AdornmentPurchased
Imperial Pantaloons of Grace 56Armor 
Hallowed Greaves 90ArmorPurchased, Crafted
Studded Brawler Kneeguards 0Armor 
Forged Feysteel Chainmail Leggings 30Armor 
Vinewalker's Wandering Leggings 90ArmorPurchased
Leggings of the Spiritweaver 20ArmorQuest Reward, Purchased, Quest Item
Arcane Chaps of Knowledge 71Armor 
common medium brigandine leggings 4Armor 
Rune Writ Pants of Invocation 90ArmorDropped, Purchased
Linen Pantaloons 42ArmorCrafted
Oracle's Sacred Chausses 35ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
Damaged Leggings of the Coldheart 10Armor 
maid's blood stained stockings 49Armor